To give each piece of jewelry a sense of
profound existence and everlasting warmth on the finger,
we carefully select the finest metal material.
Platinum with a pure shine, and four beautiful nuances of gold.
Each metal brings out the best of the design and gemstone.

Platinum pt900

pt900 ハードプラチナ

AbHerï chooses platinum to create white jewelry.
The natural pure whiteness of platinum is different from that of white gold.
Rhodium plating to enhance the whiteness of white gold jewelry is not needed with platinum.
AbHerï’s platinum is alloyed with ruthenium for extra strength and durability.
With this metal, any kind of delicate stone setting possible, allowing for minimal restriction in design. There is no need to compromise quality and design.
Many of AbHerï’s designs are fine and delicate, but the solid weight of platinum provides a rich feel. Platinum’s white shine creates light and shadow on every detail, offering a sense of prestige and reassurance.

K18 Gold

After experimenting with various composition of alloys* AbHerï has created four original gold colors each with a beautiful nuance. You may choose any color gold to match your skin tone or preference.

*A metal alloy is added to pure gold and platinum to achieve strength and durability in jewelry pieces.


Yellow Gold

This bright yellow color characteristic of gold gives a vivid and gorgeous impression.


Pink Gold

An elegant and gentle original pink gold with a subtle tint that enhances the beauty of your skin.


Champagne Gold

This original champagne color has a subtle shine and antique feel. It matches well with any color jewelry for you to enjoy a wide range of styling.


Ash Gold

AbHerï’s original alloy composition created this unique gold color with so much depth. Since this is the true color of the metal, there is no worry for discoloring. It has a smoky hard shine that is different from grey or black.

*The price of K18 Yellow, Pink and Champagne Gold are equal.
*Ash Gold differs in price, plus has some design restrictions.

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