made in Tokyo

AbHerï’s jewelry pieces are carefully handmade at a studio located in the Higashi-Nihonbashi district in the east side of Tokyo.
Inspired by lush nature, flowers, and stories that dwell in everybody’s mind, each piece is designed with the subtleness and aesthetics distinctive to Japan, and manufactured using only fine quality material.
Traditional hand made techniques that have been passed on for generations are incorporated to create beautiful jewelry pieces that transcend time.


Every designer at AbHerï is also an artisan.
After drawing a rough sketch, the designer will make a prototype model using metal and wax material to study the piece in a three-dimensional shape.
This process is similar to creating a work of architecture, only in a smaller scale.
The design is carefully studied from every angle possible to make sure it sustains a beautiful atmosphere day and night, not only when it is worn but also when it sits alone.


AbHerï pursues creative ways of expression.
By combining traditional and modern jewelry making techniques, the pieces are not only elegant and delicate, but also carry a sense of freshness.
A simple and modern design will also include a high level of craftsmanship in the detail. Such techniques may be a milgrain engraving(*), a carefully set stone, or a special sculptural technique. AbHerї's unique sense of creational balance can be seen in these uses of techniques.

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