Spring collection
“six” - The sixth sense -


Release date : April 29 , 2020

The sixth sense is a subconscious sense that anyone has.
Sometimes called an intuition or inspiration, it helps us to quickly determine the essence, find meaning in coincidences, and make important decisions in life.

Our new diamond jewelry series “six” featuring a hexagonal design was created in hopes to boost our sixth sense and guide us to build a better lifestyle.

The center motif is a single brilliant cut diamond set in a hexagonal frame decorated with delicate millegrain work.
A slight angle in the frame gives the piece depth and luxury.
Since there are no prongs that may catch a surface, the series can be worn easily with any kind of outfit.

Beginning with selecting the best quality diamonds, skillful artisans work to establish micro level beauty, determining the exact height of the setting and even calculating the reflection of the framework.

Hoping to provide the best in basic.
Another distinctive jewelry collection from AbHeri.

From left to right

Pierce(Pair)/ PtK18yg ¥178,200-
Pierce(Pair)/ Pt ¥242,000-
Earrings(Pair)/ PtK18yg ¥396,000-
Chain Ring / PtK18ch ¥231,000-
Ring / PtK18ch \¥236,500-
Chain Ring / PtK18ch ¥291,500-
Necklace / PtK18ch ¥148,500-
Necklace / PtK18ch ¥214,500-

※Price including tax.


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