NEW Bridal Collection


Because a marriage ring will stay close to you for years to come,
we want you to make a comfortable choice.

The new variations of AbHeri’s latest bridal collection allows you to choose your style.

These beautiful marriage rings have an intricate sparkle created by hand-carved designs.

The classical decorative patterns and modern silhouettes appeal to both men and women alike.
With three widths to choose from, there are a variety of combinations.

The〈adamant〉series engraves the word ADAMANT on the side to symbolize a strong relationship.

The delicate decorations usually seen in women’s rings
become a special touch in the〈SIRUSI〉series allowing the couple to feel a warm connection.

The〈MINORI〉series expresses a long and fruitful relationship between the couple.

Each concept will stay close to you in your new life together.

*SIRUSI = Japanese word meaning “a mark”
*MINORI= Japanese word meaning “fruitful”


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