AbHerï Color Bridal
Instagram Campaign


Campaign Dates
December 1,2018~ January 31, 2019

■Contest Rules
・Follow our Instagram account: abheri_official
・Post your own photo of AbHeri color stone ring on your Instagram account and add the hashtag #abheri

■Winning prizes
・Best Photo Award: A K18 diamond chain ring will be presented.
・Entry Award: Jewelry cloth for all who has posted the photo at AbHeri Retail Shop.

■Result announcement
・The winner will be announced at the end of February 2019 on our official Instagram.
・The winner will be informed directly from our official Instagram account.

■Terms and Conditions
・You may post as many photos during the contest period but you can only receive the Entry Award (jewelry cloth) once at the first entry.
・The Entry Award is available only at AbHeri Retail Shops.
・Ask for the details at AbHeri’s shop staff.

Starting December 1, various color stone rings are in stock at AbHeri shops.
We are looking forward to your participation.


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