2017 Christmas collection “fleurs” part 3


The collection of small flowers with six petals and the main stone in the center.

The edges of each petal are carefully surrounded by milgrain.
The center stone is held by fine prongs at a higher position.

【 Top to Bottom 】
Pt Diamond Pierced-Earrings >
Pt Diamond Necklace >
K18ch Diamond Chain Ring >
K18ch Diamond Bracelet >
Pt Diamond Bracelet >

【 Top to Bottom 】
Pt Diamond Necklace >
Pt Diamond Necklace >
K18pg Ruby Necklace >
K18yg Yellow Beryl Necklace >
K18ch Blue Sapphire Necklace  >
K18ch Tanzanite Load light garnet Necklace
Pt Paraiba Tourmaline Diamond Necklace

※The products of Paraiba Tourmaline and Tanzanite are quantity limited and may not be available at the shops.

The items are also posted at the official online shop.
→AbHerï Online Shop

*** Special Present ***
From November 1 to December 25, 2017
AbHerï original novelties are prepared at the shop to show our gratitude to your purchase.


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