AbHerï Bridal Fair


August 1, 2017(Tue) ~ September 30, 2017(Sat)

AbHerï work×shop , AbHerï Ginza Shop , AbHerï Shinmarunouchi Shop
AbHerï Kyoto Shop , AbHerï Hankyu Umeda Shop , AbHerï Fukuoka Shop
AbHerï Online Shop〈HP〉

***Special Gift***

During the Bridal Fair period, you can receive an anniversary pendant top (K18 gold)
as a gift when your purchased amount is above 300,000 JPY.
For the purchased amount below 300,000 JPY, two pieces of secret stones
(set on the inner surface of the rings) will be presented.
In case that the secret stones cannot be set due to the ring design, you will get the original novelty.
We are looking forward to many of you taking this opportunity.


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