AbHerï Ginza Shop Newly Open


Today, AbHerï opened the sixth retail shop, Ginza shop at the 2nd floor of GINZA SIX.

The concept of the Ginza shop comes from the inspiration of “art museum in an attic room”.
As a sequel to AbHerï Kyoto shop and AbHerï Fukuoka shop which were opened in 2016, the design concept of Ginza shop is also based on “The museum”, as a culmination of our brand.
The place is filled with a sense of luxury and hospitality, touching the vision of AbHerï at the same moment.
You can take time as if you appreciate the art pieces at your own pace.
Perceived as the flagship shop of AbHerï, Ginza shop sets up the most luxurious lineup of products.
We are sincerely looking forward to your visit, and hoping that you spend an elegant time with us.

Ginza Shop Limited Collection  
Necklace Pt K18CH
Chain-ring Pt K18CH
*Quantity limited to 10 for each item.

AbHerï’s original pin brooches are prepared at the shop to show our gratitude to your purchase (quantity limited).

AbHerï Ginza Shop
6-10-1 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo
104-0061 Japan
T. +81(3)6264-5032


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