2016 Christmas Collection"HOPE"


Released date: November 11, 2016

“Hope” is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops - at all –

Emili Dickinson (excerpt)

AbHerï’s 2016 Christmas Collection has been inspired by Emili Dickinson, the Poet.
Bird in this poem continues to sing gracefully even in the terrible storm.
We named the collection with a bird motif as “HOPE”, wishing that we all can progress our life with hope and pride.

Quantity limited for 2016 Christmas
A necklace or a bracelet with a bird motif from Emily Dickinson’s poetry.
The necklace will be placed close to the heart, and the bracelet to the pulsated wrist.
The bird of hope will be always beside you as if to encourage you.
Special black case imaging a bird cage.

Pictures from above
K18yg Diamond Necklace
K18yg Diamond Bracelet
※All items above are quantity limited.

The series featuring the birds feathers which symbolizes “HOPE”. Melee diamonds are set at the tip, and the pattern of the feathers are engraved manually by skilled craftsman.
The ring is elegantly designed to draw cross lines with upper and lower wings and gently curved arms.
For chain rings, necklace, and bracelet, the feather motif are set to an angle as if they soar into the air.

Pictures from above
Pt Diamond Pierced-Earrings
Pt Diamond Necklace
K18ch Diamond Chain-Ring
Pt Diamond Ring
K18ch Diamond Bracelet

We carefully selected the enchanting black southsea pearls which colors are just like the noble peacock feathers.
There are two types of the rings, large pearls of over 10mm, and the smaller pearls of 8 to 9mm sizes.
You can enjoy exquisite nuances of colors from peacock blue to mysterious silver blue.
Like a bird that is not defeated by the storm, the rings have calm dignity.

Pictures from above
Pt Black southsea pearl Diamond Ring Large
Pt Black southsea pearl Diamond Ring Small
K18ch Black southsea pearl Diamond Ring small
K18ch Black southsea pearl Diamond Ring Large
※Prices vary from the size of the black southsea pearl.

The series imaging the birds competing the beautiful and colorful singing voices like color stones.
Bird’s beak, head, body and tail are designed side by side. And the color variations of beautiful color stones and metals are attractive. The center stone is set and covered by soft and fluffy body of a bird.

Left row from above
Pt Aquamarine Tanzanite Diamond Ring
K18ch Ruby Diamond Ring
K18ch Ruby Emerald Sapphire Diamond Ring
K18ch Opal Diamond Ring
Pt Opal Paraiba tourmaline Diamond Ring

Right row from above
K18ch Aquamarine Peridot Pink tourmaline Diamond Ring
K18ch Peridot Sapphire Diamond Ring
K18yg Yellow beryl Peridot Tanzanite Diamond Ring
K18pg Imperial topaz Sapphire Green tourmaline Diamond Ring
K18ch Pink tourmaline Sapphire Aquamarine Diamond Ring

※All the items are quantity limited
※ Please contact our shop for the stock status.

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