2016.11.12 AbHerї Fukuoka Shop Newly Open


November 12, 2016
Japan-originated jewelry brand, “AbHerї” opens its first shop in Kyushu area/b>

AbHerї Fukuoka shop stands calmly on a path nearby Tenjin main-street. The concept of the shop comes from the inspiration of “the entrance hall of art museum”.
We welcome you with the impressive appearance of stone-built walls, remembering the time when the port of Hakata used to be a gateway of trade.

The space is fulfilled with warmth and grace that naturally invites you to art appreciation.

Fukuoka Shop Limited Collection < HAKATAORI >
AbHerї’s new collection < Hakataori > uses motif of the kenjo-design, the traditional fabric of Hakataori. It weaves up gold and silver threads together, and its pattern is arranged in our Hakataori jewelry collection.
Ring PT / K18CH
Pierce PT / K18CH
Necklace PT / K18CH

AbHerï Fukuoka Shop
2-5-55 Tenjin
Chuo-ku Fukuoka 810-0001 Japan


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