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Letter carving service


Letters or date can be carved inside of the ring for free of charge.
You can choose alphabets (capital letters only), numbers and marks.
All the letters are engraved manually by the craftsman.

※ “to” is engraved in cursive (small letters), and the others are in print style.
※ Stone setting hole may be placed between letters depending on the design.

Secret stone


Secret stone is a stone set inside of the ring.
It is set as a charm to deepen ties for two of you.
You have a choice of the following 6 stones:
Diamond, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, ruby, emerald or green garnet.

Diameter: 1mm
Price: JPY4,400 (tax-included)/1 pc

Calligraphy letters


Craftsman uses chisel which requires advanced skills to master.
It gives elegance to the calligraphy with hand work.
You can choose alphabets (capital letters only), numbers and marks.

Price: 1 letter JPY1,650 (tax-included).
※“to” is engraved in cursive (small letters).
※Calligraphy can only be applied on the surface of the ring.

Rose-cut diamond


To make your ring more graceful, a rose-cut diamond can be set on the surface of the ring.
Calligraphy letters can be arranged together with the diamond.

Price: JPY4,400 (tax-included)/1 pc
Stone: rose-cut diamonds only
Diameter: 1.3mm

※Rose-cut diamond can be used as a secret stone.
※Rose-cut diamond setting may not be applied depending on the design.


We offer a lifetime guarantee of free maintenance and after-sales services so that you may enjoy your AbHerï jewelry for a long time. Services include;


※Basically, the product must have a warranty card attached.
If you do not have a warranty card, please contact us for more information.
※You may be subject to a fee depending on the condition of the product.
※There may be a limitation depending on design

We offer a free maintenance within 6 months after your purchase of the product.
However, our guarantee does not cover the following cases:

・Carelessness in handling or the custody
・Reprocessed by the others makers
・Resizing the rings to non-standard size

※You may be subject to a fee for repair after the guarantee period.

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